Return To The Old Ways

Welcome to my new blog where I am going to be writing about my life trying to keep a family and live in a more traditional way than perhaps is normal for many of my peers working to keep up with the fast pace of modern life. As we all know there has been a resurgence in young women (such as myself) learning to can. Every attempt is a learning experience from start to finish. And, eating the canned goods is always a treat! Another great experience is sharing the canned goods with friends and family….

Sharing the bounty is an act that should eventually bring the joyful and tasty experience full circle, when the recipient returns the glass jar to the owner. Returning the jars (versus recycling them or cramming them in your cupboard) ensures that when the next round of canning or the next seasons arrives, the canner has a full stock of jars at her (his) disposal.

Returning the jars makes both ECOnomic and ECOfriendly sense, as it saves the canner fuel in making a run to the store to by new jars; it saves the energy and resources required to make new jars; it saves the canner money invested in jars; and, it lets the canner know that you enjoyed the goods and want more!

So, if you have received any canned goods from a friend or family member, when you are finished, be sure to return the jar(s)!

P.s. You guessed it! This post was motivated by my lack of jars! I’ve already bought 3 sets this year, but am finding myself to small jars short of what I’d like to can today!

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